Analyzing Your Ebook Sales Trends And Market Data

Publishing Data Networks provides monitoring and analysis of ebook sales trends, marketing and market data for publishers and authors. Additionally, Monitor offers context information on reviews, reads, title usage as well as title related interaction on social media platforms. Monitor enables publishers and authors to analyze data from different sources in one integrated interface, thus allowing control of the distribution of ebooks with the utmost accuracy.

For A Better Understanding Of The Dynamics Of The Social Web

Readers interact in various ways with the content of publishers and authors – with a comment, a review, a blog post or a like. In Monitor data on sales and use of digital content are integrated with reviews of online media and blogs as well as contributions on social media platforms. This provides a feedback to publishers and authors on trends and the level of the readers’ engagement with content. And it helps to improve understanding of digital distribution and raising interest in content online.

Optimizing Your Ebook Distribution Through Data-Analysis

Monitor supports the adjustment of end user marketing as well as retail marketing through the integration, linking, analysis and exchange of data between publishers and ebook stores. Through this improved communication with the trading partners campaign budgets can be calculated accurately, depending on market developments and current trends.